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A changing market landscape in the British potato industry: What behavioural changes has Coronavirus driven?

Following an extraordinary few months for the industry, join the AHDB Retail & Consumer Insight team during a series of webinars, focused on reviewing how the market and consumers have changed during the coronavirus pandemic, and what opportunities and threats this now presents for AHDB sectors.

Grace Randall joins Kim Malley for this webinar focused on potatoes, discussing how purchasing and consumption has been impacted by coronavirus, pulling out the opportunities and threats for the category in the future, and exploring how demand is balancing by looking at the shifts across retail and foodservice.

Guest speaker Sarah Baker will also cover the potential impact of the challenging economic outlook, and the team will leave time for Questions and Answers on the topics covered.

Go here for more details and to register. Visit the Retail & Consumer Insight website here.

Source: AHDB

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