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Video: University of Idaho specialists conducting research projects on two seed potato viruses

Entomologists at the University of Idaho are leading ten state research projects focused on two viruses that can devastate seed potato farmers, according to a report by RFD-TV. In an interview with RFD-TV, Professor and project leader, Alexander Karasev says that one of their targets is potato mop-top virus, which has been found in six states. 

According to Karasev, “The second virus is potato virus Y. It can lead to a downgrade of seed potato loads, but also, a potato [infected with potato virus Y] may induce a disease which is called potato tuber necrotic ringspot disease, making fresh market tubers completely unusable.”

He added that in the short-term, researchers are looking to provide recommendations and tools to give growers a chance to control the virus. IN the long term, the idea is to try and develop potato cultivars that are resistant to both viruses.

Visit this page on the RFD-TV website to view a video of the interview with Prof Karasev.

Source: RFD-TV
Photo: Potato mop top virus | PotatoPro

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