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Video: Australian potato grower speaks out about the health benefits of potatoes

In this video, Karri-Ann Lamb tells the story of her family’s potato-growing business at Wickham Farms, Killarney, Queensland in Australia. Kerri is fourth fourth generation potato farmer.

Says Kerri-Ann: “Our potatoes are planted in October, so they’ll be ready to harvested in February. It will be harvested and sent to the pack house in February and they’ll be sold fresh n supermarkets as brushed potatoes as well.”

Kerri-Ann says their potatoes “really don’t go very far – they’re going about 15 kilometers to our factory and then from there they’re distributed in Queensland. I think as potato growers we want consumers to know that potatoes are actually very healthy for you – they are a complex carbohydrate and have lots of vitamins and minerals and are extremely versatile and affordable too.”

Watch the video below, or on YouTube here. Thanks much, Kerri-Ann…

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