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Ireland: ‘We’ve had our chips – and we never even knew’

Declan Lynch, Irish Independent journalist, writes in this piece, published yesterday: “One of the many scandals of Brexit was the failure to inform the British public of some of the obvious ways in which they’d be affected – or at least the failure to make that information stick in the public consciousness.”

Lynch says many of them are only starting to realise that there will be problems for the “ex-pats”, “roaming charges”, queues at airports, and problems with turning Kent into a lorry park.

“What we didn’t realise in Ireland is that we would also be starting to find out ways in which we might be affected, in areas that we never even knew existed until… well, until last Monday. For it was then on Morning Ireland that most of us discovered for the first time in our lives that most of the chips that we get in the chippers are made with potatoes imported from England.”

Lynch says again it’s hard to know which is the bigger scandal here – the fact that Ireland is “not able to grow the right kind of spuds for a single of chips, or the fact that we never knew about it until reporter Fran McNulty told us. Both are utterly unacceptable, and yet it is all true – McNulty’s sources were unimpeachable, he went straight to the top of the food chain here, talking to Derek Duggan of Burdock’s.”

“Derek spoke of how your English potato has a better balance, how the dry matter and the sugars are more suitable to the frying of chips, they have that crispness and flavour that the Irish demand in their beloved fried food – without ever acquiring the skillset needed to actually grow enough of the raw materials in our own country.

“Which will become a bit of an issue if and when the UK becomes a “third country”, outside the jurisdiction of the EU’s food safety rules.”

Source: The Independent. Read the full story here
Photo: Irish Farmers Journal

Lukie Pieterse, Editor and Publisher of Potato News Today

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