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US Potato Harvest 2020: A video compilation

The potato harvest is a highlight for most potato farmers around the world, big and small growers alike. At times it turns out to be the “cherry on the cake” after a long season of sweat and toil, especially when pleasant surprises are unexpectedly unearthed. Other times it might turn out to be a time rife with disappointment and agony – a time best forgotten as soon as possible. However it might turn out to be, harvest time is always marked by a good measure of excitement and anticipation.

On this page we feature a few YouTube videos that were produced during the 2020 harvesting season in the US. We hope you enjoy these!

Below: Potato Harvest at J&S Farms Inc in Parma, Idaho. Idaho is widely known for its production of potatoes and onions. Farmers work hard to get the produce from the ground to your table! Spencer Bros Productions highlights the excitement of 2020 harvest through this epic video. These farmers are working hard to harvest potatoes for the season. Potato harvest is a unique season that utilizes a lot of technology and labor. Video by Spencer Bros Productions. View it also on YouTube here.

Below: Get an inside look at potato harvest with Hamilton Triple C Farms, Ririe. Swan Valley, Idaho. Learn from Jordan, fourth generation farmer, about how they met the challenges associated with becoming potato growers. Enjoy the scenic views and marvel at the efficiency of modern Spudnik potato harvesting equipment. Also on YouTube here. Video by horsepowers online.

Below: 16 Row Massive Potato Harvest with John Deere and Spudnik: Carl Taylor from Taylor Farms in Idaho Falls, Idaho, presenting Spudniks 16 row harvesting system. With eight 6 row windrowers and four 4 row harvesters they are able to harvest between 400 – 450 acres a day. The biggest advantage was to reduce tractors and operators from their harvesting operation. In addition they were better able to utilize their truck fleet and reduce bruising due to the higher capacity of the machines and fewer machines in the operation. Video by Spudnik Equipment. Also on YouTube here.

Below: Potato Harvest 2020 Colorado – Ponderosa Partnership. Aspen Produce LLC and Ponderosa Partnership present Potato Harvest, field to bin. Southern Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains, 7600 ft. elevation we hope you enjoy… “Many thanks to our wonderful crew and family for an amazing harvest.” Video by Meat&Potatoes. Also on YouTube here.

Below: About 60 percent of the potatoes produced in Maine and around the country are grown to supply the food service industries. But with everything from school cafeterias to sports concessions to in-flight meals canceled, potato farmers are facing uncertain times in what is already an uncertain business. And many say that they are discouraged by what they are being offered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in a federal aid package. Also on YouTube here. Video by Maine Public – article here.

Below: Potato Harvesting – Where Chips Begin. In this video, How Farms Work heads to JMR Farms in Illinois to see how potatoes are harvested to eventually be made into chips. Also on YouTube here.

Below: Farming in the 208. “Potato harvest has started! And it’s dirty. Do you see how dirty I am? It’s cool. It’s also loud. So be prepared for lots of yelling… Welcome to Farming in the 208! I was born and raised in Idaho, and after working as a mechanic for several years, came back to farming full time. It’s just in my blood. We grow (famous Idaho) potatoes along with wheat. I am partnered with my brother, Phillip, and we have one employee, who is also family.

I made this channel because I wanted to show just how much hard work, time, and dedication goes into producing a crop that ends up on your local grocery store shelves. We always want to produce the best crop possible and so much effort goes into that. I hope you’ll enjoy watching my day-to-day life on the farm. Even if you don’t know much about agriculture, maybe my story will still be entertaining. Oh, and my videos are edited by my wife who finds my mistakes hilarious.

Below: Kelley and Sons – Potato harvest 2020. A view of potato harvesting in southeast Idaho. Video by Barnard Custom Ag. Also on YouTube here.


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