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Eye on Potatoes podcast: Potato Expo preview – The potato world post-COVID

The impact of the COVID outbreak and subsequent lockdowns vastly impacted consumers’ eating, shopping, and cooking patterns. In a preview of his Potato Expo 2021 presentation, long-time senior vice president of the Food Marketing Institute and author, Michael Sansolo sits down with Eye on Potatoes to talk about some of the changes the pandemic brought about in 2020 and their potential lasting impacts for the food industry. 

Also: Kam Quarles, National Potato Council CEO, provides an update on the latest news coming out of D.C., including the nomination of former Secretary Tom Vilsack to return to USDA, new leadership in the House and Senate Agriculture Committees, ongoing trade access issues, and the latest government funding extension and a potential COVID relief package. 

Visit the Eye on Potatoes website here to listen to the podcast.

Source: NPC | Eye on Potatoes

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