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Potato sprout control: How to keep mint oil as a fog?

Mint oil has been used successfully in the pre-pack sector in the UK to control sprouting. Its use in warmer storage this season is generally new, according to a news article published by AHDB.

Recently, there have been a few reports of product build-up in its liquid form on crops in processing stores in Britain, leading to some localised issues. The key to the effectiveness of mint oil is to keep the active as a fog during application.

AHDB provides some tips to help potato growers and storage managers achieve this.

Spearmint oil has been used for a number of years already in the industry, in particular for the fresh-pack market. The take-up has been relatively more recent for the processing sector and this season, there have been reports of build-up of the active in its liquid form. In extreme cases, this has led to store breakdowns as result of prolonged high-speed fan use.

It starts with keeping the crop dry

Mint oil is applied to the crop as a hot fog. In the presence of residual moisture on the crop however, this mint hot fog can

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