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Australia: Specialists explore effect of sanitisers and drying on post-harvest bacterial soft rot in potatoes

Management of rots, both in the field and post-harvest, is an ongoing challenge for potato producers around the world, and also in Australia. The Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection (ICP) Partnership Network recently hosted a podcast during which two specialists from the US and Belgium discussed a trial that was set up in Australia to explore the effect of sanitisers and/or drying on the development of post-harvest bacterial soft rot in potatoes.

The trial done by Applied Horticultural Research in January 2020 to evaluate post treatments for the control of bacterial soft dropped in potatoes. The results are discussed by agronomist Mark Hinderaker, a certified crop advisor for the American Society of Agronomy and a member of Nutrient Advantage and Ag Safe, joined by Peter von Neumann, an agricultural scientist from Belgium who is an integrated crop protection specialist, including the control of diseases in veggie crops.

You can listen to the 9 minute Soundcloud version of the podcast below, or find it on Soundcloud here. You can also listen to it on the Soil Wealth website here.

Source: Soil Wealth / Integrated Crop Protection Australia
Photo: Soft rot of potato | Agriculture and Food, Western Australia

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