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‘A better tuber rotter’: Pectobacterium parmentieri

Dr Eugenia Banks, potato specialist with the Ontario Potato Board in Canada, says in a recent email newsletter that Dr Steve Johnson (University of Maine) will give the first presentation of the upcoming Ontario Potato Webinars on March 4th at 11 a.m. His presentation will be titled “Expect Soft Rot and Blackleg to Increase!” Dr Johnson will focus on a very aggressive bacterium that cause soft rot and blackleg – Pectobacterium parmentieri.  

As an introduction, Dr Banks wrote a brief article about this bacterium, saying that Dr Johnson’s presentation will be much more comprehensive, and there will be time for participants to ask questions during the webinar in March.

Potato News Today is happy to publish Dr Banks’ article below with her permission. She can be reached at for further information.

Last spring, I was wondering whether the incidence of Dickeya dianthicola was expected to be high in 2020, so I asked Dr Steve Johnson (University of Maine). To my surprise, he said that he was more concerned about Pectobacterium parmentieri than Dickeya. According to him,

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