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TOMRA Food launches Packhouse Academy, the fresh produce industry

TOMRA Food has launched the most comprehensive online learning resource for packhouse professionals in the fresh produce industry. Packhouse Academy, powered by TOMRA Academy, offers a wide range of on-demand videos, live interactive webinars, and user-driven training modules.

Packhouse Academy will empower individuals to increase their industry- critical knowledge and skills, in turn helping packhouses improve their pack-out, productivity, and quality.

Helping businesses to overcome skills shortages

TOMRA Food has created Packhouse Academy to help businesses overcome skills shortages in machine operation and other specialist packhouse roles. A good machine operator allows a packhouse to maximize investment in technology for better pack-out and profitability, but until now, a lack of training pathways has typically meant packhouses themselves had to train their staff in setting-up and operating machinery for optimal results.

As technology and industry best practices continually evolve, Packhouse Academy makes it easy to keep pace by developing and maintaining the skills necessary for competitive advantage. The training is deployed through a personalized learning portal, making it possible for individuals to study at their own speed via desktop, laptop, or mobile device, at a time and place convenient for them and their employers.

Roydon Adlam, Global Customer Training Manager TOMRA Fresh Food, commented:

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