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A&L Canada Fertility Seminar Series: Potassium and K/Mg ratio in the spotlight

The “big brother of the cations” – potassium – is one of the essentials that is directly tied to over 60 enzyme systems in plants, and it is one of the nutrients most used by the plant, according to A&L CEO and founder Greg Patterson.

K is the fuel for photosynthesis and is critical to many plant processes including the ATP production pathway. Low K levels are also known to attract leaf sucking insects. Cations should be rated on their optimum level for their soil type (called base saturation) and the ratios of cations like K to Mg (and Ca to Mg) can have a very significant impacts on the availability of other nutrients within the soil.

Improper K:Mg ratios can also have a significant impact on quality and diseases severity of potatoes. This session will do a deep dive into the role of potassium in your soils.

Join A&L tomorrow, Feb 18 at 01:30 PM (inEastern Time US and Canada), for this online seminar session. Go here to register. More on these seminars and dates for future seminars in February and March can be found here.

Source: A&L Canada
Photo: Old Farmers Almanac

Lukie Pieterse, Editor and Publisher of Potato News Today

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