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A&L Canada Fertility Seminar Series: Potassium and K/Mg ratio in the spotlight

The “big brother of the cations” – potassium – is one of the essentials that is directly tied to over 60 enzyme systems in plants, and it is one of the nutrients most used by the plant, according to A&L CEO and founder Greg Patterson.

K is the fuel for photosynthesis and is critical to many plant processes including the ATP production pathway. Low K levels are also known to attract leaf sucking insects. Cations should be rated on their optimum level for their soil type (called base saturation) and the ratios of cations like K to Mg (and Ca to Mg) can have a very significant impacts on the availability of other nutrients within the soil.

Improper K:Mg ratios can also have a significant impact on quality and diseases severity of potatoes. This session will do a deep dive into the role of potassium in your soils.

Join A&L tomorrow, Feb 18 at 01:30 PM (in

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