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Research: ‘Tunable crops are just a spray away’

The genetic control of crop growth and behaviour can be modified through traditional plant breeding or genetic engineering, but is fixed once a variety is sown. New spray-on viral transfection technology can transiently alter gene expression to “fine-tune” agronomic traits within the season while avoiding modifications to the genome, write Karen MasselIan Godwin and Lee Hickey at the The University of Queensland in Australia.

They say that modern plant improvement programmes have yielded substantial productivity gains across broadacre and horticultural cropping systems. The ability to match a genotype with environment and management practices has enabled increasingly sophisticated cropping scenarios to overcome biotic and abiotic stresses and to close yield gaps. Once the crop is planted, the genotype is fixed and many of the management decisions have already been made, such as land preparation, planting date and plant density.

But environment remains

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