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The fries in Belgium are so special, they could get UNESCO status

Anyone who’s had Belgian fries after a night of drinking Belgian beer can certainly understand their appeal. And Belgian chip shops are trying to make sure that that experience can be had for future generations – by applying for UNESCO status.

Belgian beer has already had that status for half a decade at this point – and now it’s fries’ turn to follow suit, says the umbrella organization that represents the owners of Belgian fry kiosks.

People take Belgian chip shops as a given, something that will never disappear. But as Bernard Lefevre, president of the umbrella group points out, more and more of the mom-and-pop stores are disappearing. “The culture of fries is rooted in all of us,” says Lefevre. “And perhaps because of this we have to continue to protect it,” he adds.

Belgium can propose a UNESCO candidate every two years, with its regions taking turns in suggestions, according to media reports. Flanders included fries in its list of intangible and cultural heritage in 2014. It will be the Flemish region’s turn next year.

Source: dpa via Raw Story
Photo: dpa

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