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UK Pesticide Guide 2021 now available

The UK Pesticide Guide is the authoritative reference for all pesticide products and adjuvants approved for use in agriculture, amenity, forestry and horticulture. It is a guide to pesticides, plant growth regulators and adjuvants that can be legally and effectively used in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, amenity and pest control sectors in the UK to support your crop protection decisions.

The 2021 UK Pesticide Guide print version, now in its 34th edition, goes on sale in January 2021, and includes a crop-pest index, pesticide profiles, suppliers and distributor contact information, and key information on pesticide use and legislation. The print version is available for £59.50 + P&P, with 50% discount for users purchasing an online subscription. Up to three BASIS points and two NRoSO points are available depending on the purchase option.

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Source: British Crop Production Council (BCPC)

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