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Manter’s Clipper M2 machine now even smarter

The Manter Clipper M2 is now even smarter by using a new type PLC and HMI (Human Machine Interface). This has set in motion a complete upgrade of this fast and versatile packaging machine, the company says in a press release. The result is said to be excellent – the improved Clipper M2 combining the latest technology with even more ease of use.

Option by default

“Manter recently gave its proven Clipper M2 a major makeover“, according to Johan Oosting, R&D Engineer at Manter. “The first enhanced machines are recently produced and put into use.” The machine has been redesigned with important features when it comes to user-friendliness and the quality of the end result. “The support belt now forms an integral part of the Clipper”, Oosting continues. “The individual belt has always been ordered as part of the Clipper M2, but integrating it has the advantage that bags are transported better and processed in a significant neater way.” The integration of the support belt is also beneficial for cleaning under and around the machine.

More sustainable design

“The tubes of the improved Clipper M2 are made of lightweight PP”, Oosting says, “PP is much stronger than PVC which contributes to the sustainability of the machine.” The automatic oil lubrication unit has become a standard feature. “Every 500 strokes an exact dosage of foodgrade oil is applied to the cliphead, which considerably extends the life cycle of the machine.”

Technical tour de force

“The Clipper M2 is equipped with a new type PLC en HMI”, says Oosting. “This new operation is more intuitive and user-friendly. This type of PLC provides an interface for communication with the next higher level, an increasing demand of our customers.” A service notification for instance, appears in the HMI for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Guaranteed quality

All the developments mentioned above lead to an even better Clipper M2. “Manter is well known for the high quality and reliability of the machines”, says Oosting. “This upgrade further contributes to our product quality improvements.”

Source: Manter International BV
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