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Mexican court postponed debate on appeals banning the import of potatoes from the US

At the last minute, the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) postponed a debate on two pending appeals banning the import of potatoes from the United States, according to a news report by Leland Griffith, published by Sunday Vision.

In a plenary session held on Wednesday it was announced, following the instructions of Minister Alfredo Gutierrez Ortiz Mina, the spokesperson in the case, that the file had been removed from the list of issues to be discussed on Wednesday.

The appeals under review are promoted by several national potato producers, grouped in the Specialized Agricultural Division of Potato Producers, attached to the Río Fuerte Producers Association and others.

Minister Ortiz Mina said contrary to what the complainants had indicated, imported potatoes would be subject to multiple phytosanitary measures to prevent the entry of pests into the country.

Source: Sunday Vision. Read the full story here

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