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Opinion: Regenerative agriculture is simply ‘proper farming’

The most recent buzz-phrase to grip the rural chattering classes – particularly those of us who like to make a loud noise in the farming glossies or social media – is “regenerative agriculture”, writes Robert Ramsay, a farmer and director at Angus-based SoilEssentials in an article published by The Courier.

Ramsay says that like many trends, this nomenclature seems to have a polarising effect; not in terms of the wrongs and rights or the hows and whys but more around people’s facial expression at its mere mention.

“I would say 50% of farmers light up and then wax lyrical, while the other 50% look completely blank. At least half of farmers don’t understand or connect with the terminology, but I would guess that – especially in Scotland – a large chunk of those farmers are actually farming in a regenerative way, without rushing off to buy the T-Shirt.

“So, where do we start? Well to my mind, regenerative agriculture could probably also wear the label ‘proper farming’. This is the sort of mixed farming practised throughout large swathes of Scotland, for generations, with the crops and soils essentially being fuelled by livestock kept on the same holding.

“Go and buy your ‘Regenerative Agriculture – we’ve been doing it for generations!’ T-shirt and wear it with pride,” Ramsay writes.

Source: The Courier. Read the full article here
Photo: Shutterstock | Juice Flair

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