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KisanHub report: ‘Environmental and financial sustainability in fresh food production – The role technology plays’

Agriculture’s digital revolution has potential to benefit both business and planet, with sustainability quickly becoming a priority in the industry, KisanHub specialists say in a newly released report. They point out that this trend was highlighted by the Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) who published details of its Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) scheme this month.

The authors of the KisanHub report say this pressure to take action has been increased during the past 12-months, which have shown how global factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, affect our food system and the ‘normal’ way of growing and supplying fresh produce has had to adjust. By harnessing technology, for example, capturing data once at source and moving to a digital, integrated system, can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help you make decisions that will improve margins and benefit profitability.

Giles Barker

“At KisanHub we believe that supply chains must become more efficient to feed the growing global population; therefore become both environmentally and financially sustainable with the help of technology,” says Giles Barker, CEO & Co-Founder of KisanHub, in the foreword to the new report.

“Innovation is normally driven by necessity. Data is really important to us because we start to make better decisions,” Barker notes. “As one of the oldest industries there will be a resistance to embracing technology; coming from a farming background myself, I know this first hand. Without clear Returns On Investments (ROIs) digital adoption will be slow, until clear value can be seen. For example, by changing from a paper to digital trading process, our team has calculated we can save at least one tree for every 100k tonnes supplied to customers, (calculations based on root veg).

“In this report, our team gives examples of how technology is creating synergies between environmental and financial sustainability in food production on a regional, national or international scale.”

Visit this page on the KisanHub website for more information and to access the free report.

Source: KisanHub
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