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McDonald’s world famous fries: Here’s how they evolved in the past 50 years

It seems like most U.S. consumers agree that a McDonald’s meal is not complete without a side of hot, crispy, golden fries — a savory formula the Golden Arches has mostly preserved since it was first introduced decades ago, writes Brooke DiPalma, producer and reporter for Yahoo Finance, in this article.

In 2020, the U.S. fast food chain used more than 3 billion pounds of potatoes — serving enough french fries to circle the equator 437 times if laid end to end, and make 22 round trips to the moon. But what makes them so addictive? 

“The process we use to cook fries in our kitchens is very specific,” Amy Wilcox, a quality and supply chain executive at the Golden Arches, told Yahoo Finance in a recent interview. While the menu item is a “huge fan-favorite,” she declined to divulge the secrets of the world famous fries.

However, the key to the fries’ iconic taste that McDonald’s is “so particular about the quality of the potatoes” used to make them. “We only use whole potatoes, and they must meet our set of high standards related to size, shape, varietal, color, and storability,” Wilcox said.

With the new digital push — something McDonald’s chief Chris Kempczinski recently called “our sweet spot” — fries are all but certain to remain a major part of McDonald’s menu. 

This week, it announced a Famous Orders collaboration with global pop icons BTS, which includes a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, soda and, of course, a medium order of fries.

Source: Yahoo Finance. Read the full article here
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