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Young duo to introduce Danish autonomous tractors to the UK

Two agricultural engineering graduates from Warwickshire are preparing to propel the UK into a robotic agricultural revolution, by introducing a new kind of robotic tractor from Denmark. Simon Henley reports for LAMMA365.

Tucked away on the outskirts of Alcester in Warwickshire is a new company established by two farmer’s sons who studied agricultural engineering together at Harper Adams University. The company is called Autonomous Agri Solutions and the two men who founded the business are Jack Wyatt and Tom Beach.

Messrs Wyatt and Beach started their business venture following a trip to Agritechnica in Germany back in 2019. The goal of their trip to Hanover was to take a close look at the use of robotics in agriculture and to see just how big of a role robotic technology was playing in the farming industry.

On the afternoon of our last day at the show they came across a company from Denmark called Agrointelli, which had developed a robotic agricultural tool carrier called the Robotti. Jack and Tom were very impressed. The Robotti is what Agrointelli describes as a versatile autonomous robot, designed for solving multiple tasks in the field throughout the complete farming season. 

Capable of a wide range of tilling, weeding, seeding, fertilising and shallow cultivation tasks, the Robotti is 3m wide and controlled by a computer, able to navigate itself using RTK technology. Human input is relegated to preparing and setting-up the machine. Agrointelli received a 14.5m Euro grant from the Danish Government last year for the purpose of putting the Robotti into full production.

Jack Wyatt and Tom Beach signed an agreement with Agrointelli and their company is now the UK representative for the Agrointelli Robotti. Pending the lift of current Covid-19 restrictions, the company is planning to host demonstrations of the Robotti system throughout the UK later this year.

Source: LAMMA365. Read the full story here.
Photo: Jack Wyatt (left) and Tom Beach at an Agrointelli Robotti.

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