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Bayer’s Caligula will ‘lay waste’ to early blight in British potatoes

Bayer hopes to lay waste to early blight in potatoes, with its new fungicide, Caligula. It contains 125g/L fluopyram and 125g/L prothioconazole in a suspo-emulsion (SE) formulation and has demonstrated a level of yield protection against early blight in trials that looks set to secure it one of the highest ratings of any product on the Euroblight early blight league table.

Available on a limited release in 2020, Caligula will be fully available in 2021. News of a product with strong activity against early blight will likely be welcomed by growers given the uncertain regulatory future facing mancozeb.

The increasing threat posed by early blight has been highlighted recently by news of a novel genotype of alternaria solani, the more significant species of the disease to threaten crops. This was found to be more aggressive than wild relatives and less well controlled by products belonging to the quinone outside inhibitor (QoI) group of fungicides.

“Caligula offers protection against all forms of the disease including the less sensitive isolates and with two products each belonging to different mode of action groups, it has in-built resistance management,” said Lizzie Carr-Archer, Bayer’s root products campaign manager.

Source: The Scottish Farmer. Read the full article by Ken Fletcher here
Photo: Roots specialist with Bayer, Lizzie Carr-Archer

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