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Inca Plus: Optimising calcium mobility in crops for increased yields

Omya UK Ltd has launched InCa Plus, an advanced foliar treatment for brassicas, leafy greens and root vegetables, which delivers higher marketable yield for farmers. InCa Plus was developed by specialist technology business Plant Impact and contains patented CaTTM technology, proven in multiple independent trials to optimise calcium mobility in crops, including potatoes.

David McLellan, Agronomist and Head of Sales for Omya in the UK and Ireland, points out that calcium is an essential nutrient for cell wall and membrane structure and is taken up with water in the transpiration stream. “Once inside the plant, calcium is not very mobile, so organs with low transpiration rates such as young leaves can suffer from calcium disorders such as tip burn in leafy greens or cavity spot in carrots. This can happen despite sufficient calcium availability in the soil,” he says.

Calcium typically moves in tissues via the apoplastic pathway, where water (with solutes) moves between cells, or through cell walls, but does not enter the cell membrane. When movement via the apoplastic flow is limited by low transpiration, movement via the symplastic pathway becomes more important.

David McLellan notes, “the CaTTM technology in InCa Plus stimulates selective ion transport channels in membranes, which increases the calcium concentration inside cells, encouraging movement via the symplastic pathway.”

He recommends that growers apply InCa Plus regularly but at low rates to give the best results in crops. He says, “InCa Plus improves plant resilience by improving calcium mobility in the plant, which is going to be important for growers relying on spring planting this year. An application when the first true leaf is visible, repeated every couple of weeks until harvest (3-5 applications) will typically give up to a 5% improvement in marketable yield and storability. This is a significant return on investment for the grower.”

Extensive trials have been conducted in the UK by the universities of Lancaster and Greenwich, in Poland by the University of Krakow and in Holland by Eurofins Altic. In over 200 trials on potatoes globally, Inca Plus delivered an average 1.5 t/ha increase in marketable yields. The increases were even greater in low yielding varieties, mid to late crops, and situations where irrigation was a limiting factor.

InCa Plus is widely compatible and can be applied with most pesticides and foliar fertilisers.

Source: Omya UK Ltd
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