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Potato cultivation in Peru creates 34 million daily wages for small family farming producers

Potato cultivation has become a notable driver of regional and local economy in the potato producing areas in Peru. It generates intensive labor in Peru, which means around 34 million daily wages per season for small family farming producers, the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) reported on Wednesday.

Courtesy Midagri

“Although potato cultivation generates more than 110,000 fixed or permanent jobs, the most remarkable aspect is the creation of the intensive temporary jobs nationwide,” Midagri’s potato chain specialist Juan Miguel Quevedo says. “The 34 million jobs, which are temporary, are mostly created for the sowing, maintenance, harvesting, and post-harvesting campaigns for the most versatile Andean tuber,” he added.

Quevedo affirmed that last season 339,000 hectares were sown, and farmers were hired to work for the stages of preparing the land, sowing, weeding, second fertilization, hilling, pest control, harvest, and post-harvest.
Once they fulfill the mission of sowing and cultivating the land, they leave and are called back for the next stages of potato production, which also includes weeding the land, eradicating pests that may exist, as well as support during the harvest season and post-harvest activities.

Midagri has launched the campaign “Papa Pa’ Ti, lo bueno se comparte” (Potatoes for you, the good is shared), whose main objective is to encourage the consumption of this exquisite Peruvian vegetable.

Source: Midagri | Andina

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