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Syngenta publishes ‘Potato Agronomy Guide 2021’ for British growers

Syngenta in the UK recently published its annual agronomy advice guide with tips and recommendations suited for potato growers in the UK. The company says in the introduction to the publication: “Syngenta offers UK potato growers and agronomists a unique combination of crop protection products, support tools and services to achieve the optimum results in the field and beyond.”

Some of the topics discussed in the guide include:

  • Soil pest management,
  • Nematicide stewardship,
  • Seed and soil pathogens,
  • Maintaining blight protection,
  • Biostimulant benefit from Syngenta science research,
  • The future for biostimulants,
  • Environmental initiatives, and more.

Visit this page on the Syngenta UK website to view and/or download the guide.

Source: Syngenta

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