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Crop4Sight releases innovative irrigation scheduling tool

Crop4Sight’s  online and mobile digital toolkit is designed to help growers maximise saleable potato yields and was launched as a commercial service in 2020. With a strong research and development pipeline, Crop4Sight is pleased to announce the release of its easy to use potato irrigation scheduling tool.

The new irrigation schedule tool uses a state-of-the-art potato specific water balance model. The tool delivers convenient irrigation schedules whenever a grower requires them. If the weather or irrigation equipment availability changes, an updated schedule can be produced at the click of a button for each crop.

Using tailored soil type, variety information and the farm irrigation capabilities, Crop4Sight creates crop specific irrigation schedules, for the week ahead. Choose whether you want to irrigate for scab control, yield or set your own soil moisture deficit (SMD), and the tool uses all of this, and more, to calculate your water balance, creating a schedule bespoke to your priorities.

Hourly meteorological data for including  evapotranspiration (ET), windspeed, relative humidity and rainfall are automatically pulled in for each crop. We even calculate the rainfall to keep your water balance more accurate if you haven’t had time to read the rain gauge at your field.

“The module is integrated with Crop4Sight’s crop monitoring and yield forecasting tools and uses the same in-season data making it work harder for you” says Dr Robert Allen, responsible for the technical strategy and product delivery at Crop4Sight.

”Using this data the scheduled irrigation accounts for crop growth stage, soil moisture and environmental conditions. This allows growers to efficiently manage soil moisture so that crop yield is not restricted, while at the same time scheduling so that water is not lost to  drainage and waisted.

“This saves irrigation costs, giving growers more crop per drop!” says the team at Crop4Sight, who are all highly experienced potato agronomists. Crop4Sight does the hard work and gives simple answers for timely profit driven decision making.

Source: Crop4Sight
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Crop4Sight Limited is an Agritech start up business owned by the Produce Investments group.

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