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Wednesday humor: As for the Queen’s potatoes…

According to an article by Morgan Cutolo, published by Reader’s Digest, the Queen is privy to only the very best potatoes, to such an extent that every single one served to her is hand measured beforehand to ensure it’s suitable. Guess is that this is supposedly done to make sure the spuds are all uniformly shaped and sized so as not to spoil the appearance of the Queen’s dish and therefore her appetite…

Sandwiches served to the royal family never, ever have right angle corners – you’ll find that each sandwich has rounded edges. Apparently this is a tradition stemming all the way back to the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria’s husband Albert believed that eating anything shaped like a coffin was very bad luck.

The Queen is the only person in the country who can legally eat a swan. She owns most of the swans in the country, sharing those on the Thames with the Worshipful Companies of Dyers and Vintners, an ancient livery company.

Queen Elizabeth prefers to be woken up by Scottish bagpipes. A piper plays under her window each morning from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Prince Charles has three personal valets, all dedicated to maintaining the wardrobe of the prince and picking out what he will wear. Another thing they are responsible for? They have to iron the shoelaces on every pair of shoes the prince owns.

Source: Readers Digest. Full article here
Cover image: Tatiana Ayozo/, Shutterstock

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