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Why potato sprout management now starts in the field

Potato storage experts and growers in Britain believe that sprout suppressant measures are best kicked off in the field following the loss of CIPC (chlorpropham), after seeing positive results from well-timed applications of maleic hydrazide (MH) last year.

Richard Allison writes in an article published by Farmers Weekly that many growers entered the current storage season with some trepidation, having based sprout control plans on products they had little or no experience using, such as mint oil or ethylene gas.

In the lead up, Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research centre gave clear advice – apply maleic hydrazide well for early control of dormancy and more flexibility on when to start in-store treatments. This message seems to have been received, as tuber samples sent in to the research centre show improved MH residues compared with previous years.

“I have heard it said that there was an element of luck involved, but I think we need to give growers credit. There has been more care taken over timing, using higher water volumes and a focus on best practice,” says AHDB storage expert Adrian Briddon.

A recent six-month assessment of stores at Sutton Bridge adds evidence that better residue levels have improved sprout control.

Source: Farmers Weekly. Read the full article here
Photo: AHDB

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