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The Spornado: An alert system for late blight, other crop diseases

Spornado is an early alert system for late blight and other crop diseases, for growers that want to optimize their fungicide use. Currently, most potato growers don’t know when late blight is in their field until they see it and it is often too late, says 20/20 Seed Labs Inc in a press release. The company says there is often a lot of guesswork involved for growers in anticipating when disease may strike and when to spray.

In comes the Spornado. The Spornado alert system is an easy to use wind powered air sampler coupled with highly sensitive DNA analysis that help taking the guesswork out of disease forecasting, The Spornado allows growers to know when disease is in the air long before it can be seen on the crop. 

This inexpensive wind powered air sampler holds a disposable cassette that collects airborne fungal disease 24/7. For late blight, the cassette is changed twice a week and couriered to a local partner lab for highly sensitive DNA analysis.

Results are reported back to the grower or agronomist via email within 24 hours allowing you to know when disease is present and enabling you to spray more precisely. This information helps you to choose when and what fungal pesticides to spray – saving time, money, and yields.  

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Source: 20/20 Seed Labs. Inc

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