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Weather threatens to increase potato blight risk in the UK

Potato crops around the UK are entering the highest threat level for blight, writes Gordon Davidson in this news story for The Scottish Farmer. Hutton Criteria disease warnings were declared in key potato-growing areas, as the AHDB’s BlightSpy tool put growers across the East, South East and South West of England, the whole of Wales and South West Scotland on alert.

A Hutton Criteria period occurs after two consecutive days with a minimum temperature of 10°C and at least six hours of relative humidity (90%). It is used for blight risk reporting to help to support decisions, refine action plans and empower growers against blight.

Planting was delayed in many regions following a cold first quarter, so a significant proportion of crops are in the rapid growth phase as the threat of disease climbs higher.

Speaking from crop protection company Corteva, Craig Chisholm, commented that this was the time for growers to spray for blight to crop get their crop off to the cleanest possible start.

Source: The Scottish Farmer. Full story here

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