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Heat wave hits record 46.6C in Canada as US north-west also sizzles

Canada has recorded its highest ever temperature as the country’s west and the US Pacific north-west frazzle in an unprecedented heatwave. Robin Harrabin, BBC Environmental Analyst, reports that Lytton in British Columbia soared to 46.6C (116F) on Sunday, breaking an 84-year-old record, according to officials.

A “heat dome” – static high pressure acting like a lid on a cooking pot – has set records in many other areas. The US and Canada have both warned citizens of “dangerous” heat levels that could persist this week. A “heat dome” – static high pressure acting like a lid on a cooking pot – has set records in many other areas. This high pressure zone is huge, from California right up to Canada’s Arctic territories and stretching inland through Idaho.

Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips told CTV: “I like to break a record, but this is like shattering and pulverising them. It’s warmer in parts of western Canada than in Dubai.”

The Pacific north-west has also been breaking records, particularly in parts of Washington and Oregon states. The US National Weather Service called the heatwave conditions “historic” and said they would persist through the week, “with numerous daily, monthly and even all-time records likely to be set”.

Boise, Idaho, could see a week of 40C+ temperatures. The National Weather Service said parts of the state could suffer “one of the most extreme and prolonged heatwaves in the recorded history of the Inland Northwest”.

Source: BBC. Full story here
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