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Dutch farmers planted less ware potatoes, slightly more seed and starch potatoes

In 2021, the agricultural area in the Netherlands devoted to arable crops increased by 1.8 thousand (0.3 percent) to 529 thousand hectares. The seed onion area grew the most, while the cultivation area of barley and potatoes declined in 2021. This is evident from provisional results of the 2021 Agricultural Census, conducted by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

This year, the total cultivation area for ware potatoes in the Netherlands has declined by nearly 5 thousand ha (6.5 percent) to 72 thousand ha. It also declined in 2020. Areas in use for seed and starch potatoes have increased slightly over the past twelve months, by nearly 1 percent each. The share of seed and starch potatoes in the total potato cultivation area has continued to rise slightly over the past year.

As of 2021, over one-quarter of the total potato area (28.2 percent or over 45 thousand ha) is in use for starch potatoes; the area in use for seed potatoes is nearly equal in size (27.3 percent). The bulk of the potato area consists of ware potatoes (44.5 percent).

Since 2000, the seed potato area has grown by 2.3 thousand ha (5.4 percent) while the ware potato area has declined by 15.7 thousand ha (17.9 percent) and the starch potato area by 5.5 thousand ha (10.9 percent).

Source: Statistics Netherlands (CBS)
Photo: FreshPlaza

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