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EMVE: Potato and vegetable processing machines manufactured for a sustainable future

EMVE Sweden AB is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of machines for handling potatoes, vegetables and fruit. EMVE provides its customers with everything from deliveries of self-manufactured and newly developed machines to external manufacturers from the head office and production facility in south Sweden. The company also offers customers the opportunity for the design and tailor production of processing lines according to their wishes.

The machines that are included in the company’s range include washing, sorting, grading, packaging and palletizing. EMVE covers the entire process from the customer receiving the fresh raw materials until they are resold, thanks to their wide range. The family-owned company EMVE Sweden AB has provided their customers since 1916. Then, it was founded by Edvin Andersson and today the company is managed by the fourth generation CEO Caroline Anderson.

“In the end, it’s not only about developing and building the best and most precise machines as possible,” Caroline says. “It all starts in the first place with developing honest and caring relationships with our customers, listening carefully to their needs, and then translate their needs into custom made machines that work efficiently – and always accompany this by a trusting and long-lasting relationship with our clients.”

Over the years, EMVE has maintained a steadfast tradition of their company culture with a genuine concern for customers’ needs and wishes. This has led to exceptionally long-lasting and trusting relationships with customers. One example is EMVE’s relationship with the globally known company Newtec, that has proceeded over the last 40 years.

Customized, turnkey solutions

The solutions EMVE bring to its clients include both smaller and larger production lines, always with the potential for further customization and based on experiences in the facilities where the machines are working.

Over the years EMVE has established a large network of subcontractors, in Sweden and abroad, with whom the company cooperate as needed to develop turnkey solutions for customers. Close collaboration with these suppliers makes it easy to integrate and customize products to complete some of the production lines that EMVE offers to its customers.

After sales service

“The concept of service” has a broader meaning for EMVE than simply being available for maintenance work when needed.

“For us at EMVE service means that we are available to visit our customers facilities on site to serve and maintain their machines. But most importantly it means that we can work closely with our customers to learn and do the utmost to prevent future breakdowns and avoid costly downtime. Our service gives us an opportunity to maintain and build personal relationships with the customers, the customers staff and become familiar with their work environment and their future needs.” – Caroline Andersson

The future

“At EMVE we view ourselves as effective problem solvers and innovators that deliver comprehensive solutions for our customers,” says Caroline. “Although we are always taking into account the realities and exceptionally high-quality standards which is the basis for the food processing environment, we never lose sight of our customers’ need for cost-effective solutions either.”

Solar panels on EMVE´s facility’s roof

EMVE stays in tune with modern day trends beyond the specialized scope of their own industry.

Sustainability and all that this entails in practice are high on EMVE´s priority list. At their home office they are using sustainable energy harnessed through solar panels on their facility’s roof and they have charging stations for their employees´ electric cars, to name just two examples. Enhanced digitization is also a priority.

EMVE is thinking of every possible way to develop more sustainable machines that will have a positive environmental footprint where they are working.

To follow EMVE´s journey, learn more about the company or if you are interested in their products, check out their website Or follow them on social media where they post new information every week.

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