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The CORDA Invicta: A specialist fryer with exciting new features coming to market

Kiremko, innovative market leader in potato processing equipment, announces the launch of its new fryer – the CORDA Invicta. This specialist fryer is the result of two years of intensive research, continuous testing and consultation with customers, the company says.

“Along with the STRATA Invicta steampeeler, Kiremko is proud to once again introduce a unique product in the processing marketplace,” notes Kiremko Director, Andy Gowing. “Our specialist designers and engineers excelled at producing the CORDA Invicta, and I have no doubt that the revolutionary design of the machine will be accepted with enthusiasm by existing and new Kiremko customers.”

With up to 30% less oil content, 15% less factory footprint, hygienic design and a belt and pump system that require low maintenance, the CORDA Invicta is presented as slim, strong, safe and sustainable. Trusted technology was redesigned, and new technology was incorporated in its production.

The fryer is said to deliver a consistent, high-end product, regardless of layer thickness.

Kiremko will present the CORDA Invicta to initial customers this summer.

“Customers change, markets change, products change, consumers change. Change is a constant driver for innovation at Kiremko,” says Andy Gowing. “No wonder that the customer played a leading role in the development and design of the CORDA Invicta.  And no wonder that Kiremko’s specialist developers reconsidered, rebuilt and retested even the most detailed functionality that was finally considered perfect enough to produce the CORDA Invicta.”

Gowing says that the new fryer is in many ways a culmination of the trademark specialist knowledge and experience that Kiremko has been offering its clients over the years, and the company is proudly sharing this with the marketplace in launching the CORDA Invicta in 2022.  

The CORDA Invicta fryer is suitable for frying (coated) French fries and a range of other specialist potato products.

Further information about the unique features of the CORDA Invicta, such as capacity, oil use and more can be found online here:

Source: Kiremko
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