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McCain Australia and New Zealand going green

McCain Foods has released its sustainability strategy that centres on a global commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 50 per cent and move out of coal to renewable electricity by 2030.  Jane McNaughton reports for ABC Rural that Agriculture Director for Australia and New Zealand, Rod McLaren, said he was excited the company was going green.

“The spotlight has been put squarely on the challenges being posed by climate change and our fragile global food systems,” he said. The company has 49 production plants globally, with sites across Europe, in Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, North and South America, China, India and South Africa.

But Mr McLaren said Australia’s Ballarat plant was setting the agenda with a behind-the-meter solar farm in operation, which will be the largest in Australia once the building is complete. “We’re also building a biodigester. One of our targets is to be utilising 100 per cent of potato by-products by 2025,” he said. “We divert most of our by-product to cattle feed but we will use some of that better by running it through a biodigester to create energy.”

Biodigestion is the process of creating an energy-rich gas, by placing organic materials, such as potato peels, into an airtight container to breakdown.

Source: ABC Rural. Full story here

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