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‘First of its kind’: Branston getting ready to create vegan meat using potato protein

UK potato supplier Branston is creating a new factory dedicated to transforming potatoes into plant-based protein. Vegan Food & Living writes that the £6 million facility will extract high-grade plant protein from potatoes, using potatoes from Branston’s supply. Right now, Branston supplies potatoes in fresh or prepared formats such as ready-made potato fries. However, the company wanted to find more uses for its potato crops.

Moreover, Branston aims to provide 100% plant-based protein for companies in the vegan food industry. The high-grade potato protein can be used for clean label, low ingredient plant-based products.

Branston’s £6 million facility is being built with agritech startup B-hive Innovations and is dubbed as the first of its kind in the country.

Branston’s Managing Director, Richard Fell, said: “Most people are aware of potato starch and fibre in potatoes, but they don’t consider the highly nutritious protein fraction.” Fell explained that the collaboration with B-hive will provide technology that can gently extract high-grade protein from the potatoes.

Source: Vegan Food & Living. Full story here

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