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Video: Potato farmers in Maine’s Aroostook county expect a bigger and better year

Last year not a good year for potato farmers in Maine. Dry weather and the pandemic saw to that, but this year things seem to be turning around for them. News Center Maine’s Hanna Yeshivi visited one Aroostook county farm which is looking forward to a bigger and better crop this year.

This year growers are expecting a bigger yield, says University of Maine crop ecology professor Greg Porter. “There’s optimism that there’ll be a good supply here of good quality potatoes and that the market will be there to take those potatoes,” he says.

Having a good crop is one thing, getting it out of the ground is another. Farmers say they expect to have a serious lack of help come harvest time.

“We have to have good growing conditions from here on out to really get the best out of all those tubers that are forming right now, so that when harvest time comes this land farmed by five generations can continue to offer its bounty,” says Porter.

Source: News Center Maine. Watch the video below on YouTube here
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