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‘Small is beautiful’: Technico offers wide range of TechniTuber® potato varieties world wide

The Technico Group of Companies announced today that it is in the process of upgrading and commercialising its award winning TECHNITUBER® Seed Potato Technology for suitable application across various geographic regions in the world.

Technico has its own state-of-the-art TECHNITUBER® seed production facilities based in India (Technico Agri Sciences Ltd.), China (Technico Horticulture Kunming Ltd.) and Canada (Technico Technologies Inc. Canada). Technico Pty Limited Australia owns the proprietary TECHNITUBER® technology, researched for the past 2 decades.


According to CEO Soundararadjane, S: “The TECHNITUBER® seed size of approximately 13mm, weighing a mere 1.5 grams, is viable enough to be planted at only approximately 100 kg per hectare. The twin benefits of this technology are rapid multiplication of new varieties and greater traceability of seed.”

TECHNITUBER® seeds are delivered pre-sprouted in ‘field ready’ conditions and are easily transported. The excellent health status of the TECHNITUBER® seeds allows for disease quarantine regulations of different countries to be easily met and the compact size avoids wasting costs incurred in storage and transport of much larger seed pieces.

Soundararadjane, S points out that Technico has forged strong relationships with speciality growers, breeders and potato variety owners across the globe to produce proprietary varieties. He says Technico has a large and expanding germplasm bank of more than 250 varieties.

Over the years, Technico has been supplying TECHNITUBER® seeds across the world to processing industry companies in Russia, Republic of South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Senegal, Algeria, Pakistan and others.

Technico seed is certified by National Seed Certification Agencies in respective countries and the quality of the seed is also tested at Agdia Inc. testing lab USA. Technico group of Companies is a full subsidiary of ITC Ltd., India.

Source: Technico Group of Companies
Soundararadjane, S. (CEO) or

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