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Funny news: On-bike nutrition done right – especially when potatoes go along for the ride…

The picture above was spotted on British based cycling website, The caption reads: “Gels and bars stuck to the top tube? Fine, we’ve seen it before. French bikepackers bundling baguettes back in their pockets? All good. Pizza slices taped to the top tube? That’s a new one… and as for raw potatoes packed into a pouch for a crunchy mid-ride snack… Well… Louise Short snapped these unconventional nutrition strategies on triathletes’ bikes at the Outlaw event in Nottingham at the weekend.

Some of the other pictures that Louise Short took include the ones below – and we publish’s accompanying captions…

Top tube pizza (Image: Louise Short/ Facebook)
Ash Van Bassman won the comments section: “I assume for Kona, pizza bike triathlete adds pineapple to make it a Hawaiian?” Although based on some of the anti-pineapple comments from Friday’s live blog, that joke probably won’t land here… 
Top tube Soreen (Image: Louise Short/Facebook)
This Soreen malt loaf looks so sticky it doesn’t need any help securing itself, although that top tube will need a good scrub later. Apparently the crows were loving the generously provided buffet while the athletes were in the water for the swim…


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