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Shortage of British chips looming due to high European potato demand?

The Daily Mail reports that the UK is facing a shortage of chips due to high demand for British potatoes from the Continent. According to the report, experts predict the British crop will be in short supply after floods decimated potato production in Europe. A report revealed frozen chips are likely to be particularly affected – with a warning of steep price rises.

There are also fears the traditional British Christmas dinner could be under threat this year from the potato shortage and a dip in poultry production.

Rachel Dobson, managing director at the catering and hospitality buying firm, said: ‘The recent floods in Europe have affected potato growers and processors in the region, with varieties grown for frozen chips particularly affected – meaning that UK pubs and restaurants serving popular dishes like fish and chips could find their usual supplier isn’t able to deliver.

Belgium, Germany and Holland were among countries hit by catastrophic flooding last month and an estimated 20,000 hectares of farmland were damaged.

Source: Daily Mail. Read the full story here
Photo: Reuters via Daily Mail

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