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Unique potatoes, dedicated farmers behind one of Australia’s longest running chip snacks

It takes 120 days from planting to harvesting to create a product that can be consumed within minutes, but the journey of these spuds stretches back even further, writes Luke Wong in this ABC Landline news article.

Farmer Jason Menegazzo’s family has been growing potatoes for 50 years, and for the past two decades have been solely supplying The Smith’s Snackfood Company.

“We started basically as migrant Europeans coming to Australia to the small blocks in Werribie South. That was 80 years ago now,” Mr Menegazzo said. “So it’s a long history, it didn’t just happen overnight.”

PepsiCo ANZ, the company that owns The Smith’s Snackfood Company, contracts 120 million kilograms of potatoes annually from 47 sites ranging from northern Queensland to southern Victoria. Some 20 years went into developing each of the proprietary potato varieties made specifically for crisping and maximised for year-round supply.

Introduced from England in 1931, the Smith’s brand now celebrates 90 years of manufacturing in Australia.

Source: ABC Landline. Read the full story and watch a video here.
Photo: It takes 20 minutes to create the crinkle cut potato chips on the factory line. (ABC Landline: Luke Wong)
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