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Canada: Potatoes NB reports ‘optimal growing conditions for potatoes’ this season

Heat and rainfall this summer has created the optimal growing conditions for potatoes, says the Executive Director for Potatoes New Brunswick Matt Hemphill.

According to Tara Clow of 91.9 The Bend, he says the crop went in the ground two weeks earlier than last year, and he is cautiously optimistic. “That being said, I have seen harvest season come along here in another month and the rain clouds open up and it doesn’t stop raining for the month of September. So we certainly aren’t out of the woods yet, because we have to get the crop out of the ground and we have to get the potatoes into storage.”

He is also feeling optimistic with restaurants and sports reopening, and processors have told him demand for product is currently up.

“Hockey rinks and basketball courts are starting to fill up again so the demand is there. If mother nature cooperates, and supply and demand is in balance, it is business as usual. What we don’t want to see is another variant of COVID-19 come through and we will start to see restaurants and sporting events start to close down and we are sitting on a glut of potatoes.”

Source: 91.9 The Bend
Photo: Matt Hemphill, Executive Director, Potatoes NB | Telegraph-Journal

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