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Canada’s ‘Spornado’ named one of top 101 Predictive Analytical Companies

The Spornado, a simple and passive spore catcher, was recently showcased as one of Canada’s top 101 Most Innovative Predictive Analytical Companies by is managed, but not owned, by Fupping LTD, a London based media company.

The Spornado Sampler is described as “an effective, low-cost tool for growers to better predict crop disease, and take preventative action.” The sampler identifies crop disease in the air – long before it’s seen on the crops.

The Canadian invention is a highly sensitive airborne detection tool that identifies fungal disease such as late blight, sclerotinia, fusarium head blight, powdery and downy mildews. It uses targeted DNA testing which detects very low levels of pathogens. The rapid and precise data provides a valuable tool for pesticide management, delivering the information growers need to accurately apply fungicides when and where they’re needed.

This inexpensive wind powered air sampler holds a disposable cassette that collects airborne fungal disease 24/7. For late blight, the cassette is changed twice a week and couriered to a local partner lab for highly sensitive DNA analysis.

Results are reported back to the grower or agronomist via email within 24 hours allowing them to know when disease is present and enabling you to spray more precisely.

The Spornado is distributed in Canada by 20/20 SeedLabs Inc.

Source: Spornado
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