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Planning for the future of the British potato industry after levy

The UK’s entire potato industry stands at a turning point following the precipitous wind-up of the research and services offered to the sector by AHDB Potatoes in the wake of the levy payers’ ‘No’ vote, says an article published by The Scotsman.

The focus at yesterday’s major industry event ‘Potatoes in Practice’ outside Dundee was on securing a surviving legacy for work already carried out and ensuring that investment in research necessary to keep Scottish and UK producers at the forefront of the global potato market continued.

Scientists and industry commentators shared the view that while commercial organisations were likely to continue some of the near market work required to translate research into on-farm applications, collaboration within the industry was needed to avoid the risk of such an approach leading to fragmentation, duplication and poor targeting of resources.

Dr Phil Burgess said that a Twitter poll carried out in the run up to the event showed over 50 per cent of respondents wanted independent research work to continue and that such a scheme should be backed by some form of grower-led organisation.

Source: The Scotsman. Read the full article here
Photo: Archie Gibson of Agrico UK, who said that there was a desperate need for leadership within the sector to maintain cohesion | The Scotsman

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