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Germany tops EU’s potato producer list

Last year, a total of 55.3 million tons of potatoes were harvested in the European Union. Most were harvested in Germany and end up as crisp or frozen chips, reports Deirdre Tynan for EuroWeekly.

Germany was the largest producer and accounted for 21.2 per cent of EU production, followed by Poland (16.4 per cent), France (15.7 per cent), the Netherlands (12.7 per cent) and Belgium (7.2 per cent).

These five Member States accounted for nearly 75 per cent of the total EU production of potatoes. Spain is the seventh largest producer of potatoes in the European Union. Germany produced more than 21 per cent of Europe’s potatoes. Spain produced about four per cent, according to EuroStat.

The overall value of EU processed potato production reached € 9.1 billion in 2019.

Source: EuroWeekly. Full report here
Cover photo: Pixabay
Image below: Statista

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