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‘Red Candy’: Technico’s early maturing red skinned table potato variety

In India, in North Bengal and in the Bihar regions, potato farmers have long awaited an early bulking potato variety with better storability to cater for evolving grower needs. Until now, the absence of such a variety with this unique combination of characteristics has left farmers either to miss the early market opportunity to reap better prices or book higher losses during storage.

Red Candy, a new variety launched by Technico Agri Sciences Ltd, aptly addresses the potato growers’ needs and help them to reap the twin benefits of early bulking with better storability.

Says Soundararadjane, S. the CEO of Technico: “Our alliances with global breeders have equipped us with a large germplasm bank, and we run an exhaustive Varietal Evaluation Program in the country, across micro-climatic regions to help identify and evaluate varieties to match potato growers’ evolving needs, across all sectors such as table, crisp, and french fry segments of the industry.”

The key benefits “Red Candy” offers to table potato growers are:

High Yielder: 38 – 42 MT / Ha in 90-100 days, increases yield per unit of land and hence reduces cost of production to the growers.

Uniform Tubers: Tubers of the variety are red skin, creamy flesh, oval in shape, medium size and consistent shape.

Better Storability: Best in the segment with lower storage loss.

Low Sugar development: Low starch to sugar conversion rate under cold storage conditions and better mash quality.

Surajit Das, a Red Candy grower from Uttar Dinajpur in West Bengal says: “I have grown Red Candy this season and it yielded 16.5 mt/acre at harvest after growing for 90 days. The tubers were uniform in shape and size, and its attractive shiny red skin attracted many buyers in the market. Red Candy is an early bulker which helped me to timely harvest it.”

Technico Agri Sciences Ltd. (an ITC Group Company) is a leading Ag Biotech Company engaged in production and marketing of Early Generation Seed Potatoes.

Source: Technico Agri Sciences Ltd.
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