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Spud advice: Managing nutrition during tuber bulking crucial

With tuber bulking being such a critical, yet energy sapping period in potato crop development, now is the time to consider nutrition applications to support crop health and maintain tuber growth. If crops are lacking potassium and sulphur at cell expansion during tuber bulking this can lead to various issues, pointed out FMC crop nutrition technical manager, Chris Bond in this article by Ken Fletcher for The Scottish Farmer.

“The requirement for potassium is much greater in potatoes than any other commercial crop. It plays an important role during tuber bulking by encouraging starch production and promoting transport of sugars from the leaves to the tuber,” he said.

“Potassium, in particular, needs careful nutritional management, due to the affect it has on water regulation in the plant. Fluctuations in soil moisture levels at tuber bulking can cause quality problems, uneven tuber bulking, malformation of tubers and also cracking.

“Potassium deficiency can also lead to issues with internal tuber blackening and leave tubers more susceptible to damage and bruising during handling.”

Source: The Scottish Farmer. Read the full article here
Photo: Chris Bond of FMC reckons better targetting of nutrients at tuber bulking can pay off for growers | The Scottish Farmer

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