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Expert opinion on innovations in the potato processing industry

“The potato processing market has been steadily increasing in the last years and this trend is expected to continue. Following this growth, many companies working in this field have presented different innovations in the recent years: new storage options, new pretreatments, new fryers, and new cutting systems.”

So says Emerson Jiménez Barajas, Application Director, FAM & Stumabo International, in an article published by Potato Processing International.

He writes that the main points that potato processors are looking for are good quality and improved capacity or yield, which are both related.

Quality is a somewhat subjective parameter as it depends on the expectations of the processor and the final customer, but there are some elements that define if the quality is good, like the slice thickness consistency, the amount of scrap or off-cuts.

It is also a general rule that when the processing line is not producing a good quality product, the capacity of the line is also affected as more scrap or off-cuts are produced and therefore less final product comes out of the line. Therefore, when a potato processor is working on quality, the yield of the line will also be positively affected.

FAM and its sister company Stumabo International have been developing new technologies to address these different issues.

Source: Potato Processing International magazine | PotatoBusiness. You can read the rest of this article in your complimentary e-copy of the July/August Issue of Potato Processing International magazine, which you can access by clicking here.
Cover image: FAM

Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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