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Potato, you say? The low down on the newest plant milk trend

Whether it’s salty fries, golden roasted bites or a comforting mash with plenty of gravy, most of us have a soft spot for spuds, writes Sara Bunny in this article for But would you be keen to splash some liquid potato into your morning coffee?

According to the Swedish manufacturers of the world’s first commercially produced potato milk, the trusty tuber has been elevated to a new frontier, and plenty of plant milk fans are curious.

The concoction, from Scandinavian brand Dug, is said to have a creamy texture, and the makers claim it can even be whipped into a froth for coffee. Like other popular plant options such as soy, rice, oat and almond milks, it’s vegan-friendly and lactose-free. And the taste? Apparently inoffensive and nondescript enough to slip into other foods undetected.

Commercially-made potato milk isn’t available on Kiwi supermarket shelves, but plant milk aficionados have been whipping it up at home for years. Basic recipes can be as simple as one boiled potato, three to four cups of water, some honey to sweeten, vanilla extract for flavour, and some sliced almonds for added goodness. Whiz it all in a blender, strain through a cloth and voilà, you have potato milk.

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