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For the San Luis Valley’s potato farmers, a spud trade dispute is ‘nothing new’

Colorado’s San Luis Valley produces more fresh potatoes than anywhere in the country outside of Idaho, and farmers there are welcoming a ruling by the Supreme Court of Mexico that clears the way for American potatoes to be sold in that country.

But, as Nell London reports for Colorado Potato Radio, they’re also skeptical because the court decision is just the latest round in a trade dispute that has dragged on for nearly two decades.

Dave Warsh grows millions of pounds of potatoes a year on his farm in Center, Colorado. When Colorado Matters asked if he’s optimistic he’ll be shipping more potatoes to Mexico any time soon, he chuckled. “No. This has been a long-going battle and I think it’ll continue to have roadblocks,” he said.

“Farmers typically in the U.S. always think that we’re the victims of most trade agreements. And in this case we seriously are,” he said. “So I’m extremely frustrated.”

Source: Colorado Public Radio (CPR). Read the ful story here
Photo: Dave Warsh stands in a massive potato shed on his farm in Center. Aug. 26, 2021. Courtesy CPR

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