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Greentronics announces new features for well-known tracking product

Greentronics is a company based in Ontario, Canada that designs and manufactures electronic control products for use in agriculture. The company recently added several new features to its well-known RiteWeight in-line conveyor scale product. According to Greentronics founder and owner, Bill Menkveld, the product provides potato growers with an easy and accurate method for tracking loads and weights by date, field, variety, temperature, and cellar.

“The new features are designed to automate harvest and storage data recording,” says Bill. “Data are uploaded via an android phone or tablet to the Greentronics cloud server for processing and reporting in near real-time. Maps and reports can be viewed, downloaded, and shared or printed from anywhere via secure log-in.”

He points out that a range of reports detail how much crop is stored and where it was grown. The Greentronics RiteWeight system accurately generates 2D Maps that show clearly where exactly the crop is stored – and this data is then displayed in further detail according to date, field, and variety.

By including a crop temperature sensor with the scale, maps will provide a temperature profile for each cellar. Maps allow growers to easily complete traceability reports.

“The reports generated show inventory levels in cellars,” says Bill. “Growers can monitor harvest and storage progress virtually from anywhere.”

He notes that other scales and yield monitors may be added to provide further details about crop performance in the field and trash percentage.

A further new feature of the product is that the scale can be used as a rate controller for applying chemicals, which allows for more uniform application and grower savings on chemical costs.

Interested customers are invited to visit, email, or call +1.519.669.4698 for further information.

Source: Greentronics

About Greentronics
Founded in 1994, the company has extensive experience with electronic design and farm equipment. This combination of expertise allows the company to make the best use of the latest technology, while ensuring that its products are practical and reliable for every day use in farming operations. Greentronics is always developing new products, and also designs and manufactures custom electronic equipment upon request. 

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